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JEMIMA CHUAH | 18 January 2022

“Stay on top of your social media game with the latest social media marketing trends.”

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

Social media is constantly evolving. To stay on top of your marketing game, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends. Here are 5 predictions for social media marketing trends in 2022.

1. TikTok is Going to Be Huge

TikTok has been moving up the social media ranks in 2021, leading us to believe that it will continue to gain popularity. In 2021, TikTok surpassed Google as the most visited website for most days after August 10th in a groundbreaking shift, showcasing the popularity of the platform. With short form videos becoming increasingly popular, TikTok marketing is projected to bring in more engagement in 2022. 

In July 2021, Sensor Tower reported that TikTok (including sister app Douyin in China) had become the first non-Facebook mobile app (outside of games) to reach 3 billion downloads globally across the App Store and Google Play, while TikTok consumer spending surpassed $2.5 billion globally.

The lesson for your social media marketing plan? Get on TikTok!

2. Social Commerce Will Continue to Grow

With Instagram launching new features for creators to earn money, social commerce is predicted to grow exponentially. In fact, eMarketer anticipates that the social commerce industry will be worth $80 billion by 2025. 

The Influencer Marketing Factory completed a survey in December 2021 asking 1,000 U.S. responders, between 16 and 54 years, about their social commerce and social shopping behaviors.

After analyzing the results, The Influencer Marketing Factory narrowed down five main findings. These are:

1. 82% of responders have discovered a product on social media and purchased it directly on their phone.

2. 57% have purchased something during a livestream shopping event and 39% strongly agree that they like to discover new products during live shopping events.

3. 58% have used a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service; compared to another previous survey ran in early 2021, 36% more users have tried BNPL.

4. 41% strongly agree they like to take advantage of special discounts offered by influencers.

5. 42% strongly agree that they prefer to check out directly on a social media app (instead of a third-party website).

These results show that it is important to tweak your user experience and platforms to integrate with social commerce for fuss free transactions.


3. Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Grow

There is a rising number of influencers on social media, and more companies are starting to use influencers to promote their brand. Investing in influencers is a lot cheaper than running paid ad campaigns, and it delivers good results. In addition, influencers can help brands achieve different marketing goals – not just lead generation. These are the two main reasons why it has become so popular and is continuously getting stronger and bolder.

Brands are now working with a whole network of small, relevant, niche influencers. This kind of influencer gets much higher engagement and costs much less. Going forward, more and more brands will use this strategy, and work with multiple smaller influencers instead of one celebrity.


4. Paid Advertising Will Become a Necessity

According to Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends survey, more than 40% of respondents indicated that the decline in organic reach and the need to spend more on paid advertising were their biggest challenges. Considering that the average organic reach for a Facebook post is just slightly over 5% according to Hootsuite’s data, it makes sense why paid advertising will become a necessity.

4. Video Content Will Continue to Dominate

Videos are the most engaging content on the internet. According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. This clearly shows how important it is to start utilising video content to stay relevant in the social media domain. 

If you do not currently include videos in your content strategy, you might want to consider creating them to stay in trend. In the near future, videos will dominate social media. On another note – long-form content is no longer the way to go. Stories, Reels, and TikTok have shown that engaging short-form videos are now consumers’ preferred choice.


In order to stay relevant on social media and to ace your social media marketing strategy, it is imperative to tweak your campaigns, user experience, and platforms according to the social media trends.

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