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9 Tips to Maximise Your Social Media Engagement 2021

Peisi Chan | 30 June 2021
tips to maximise engagement
What are some tips you can use in maximising social media engagement? This is especially necessary in an era with social media shifting from being new in the marketing world to becoming the norm. You wouldn’t want to miss out on getting your posts seen, achieving comments and shares in 2021.

This blog will dive into maximising social media engagement, specifically for your Instagram and Facebook accounts.


1. Utilise Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are filled with interactive features. It ranges from still and moving stickers to Instagram polls, questions, countdown, sliding scales, quizzes, etc.  All these features are great ways to interact with and involve your audiences. Since your stories only last for a day, you can always experiment with the different types of content or even the more light-hearted ones to catch your audiences’ attention.

With the new “View Older Posts” button, Let’s admit it, the button is a hassle to click on. How many times have we ignored the button whilst knowing we have missed out on some posts? Hence, posting consistently and regularly on your Stories helps your company stay at the top of your audiences’ feed even if your normal posts were to get buried. Moreover, more and more Instagram users are also shifting their preferences from scrolling their feed to swiping stories. Hence, being active on Instagram Stories may help you to stay more relevant. 

tips to maximise engagement, instagram stories, social media

2. First Impression Matters

You would want to capture the interest of your audience and have them click the “Follow” button right from the very beginning when they visit your feed. Once you miss it, they may never visit you again. So, how do you go about doing that? A very straightforward and visual way would be to utilise a “Puzzle feed”. It essentially acts like a big mood board for your feed, one that grabs your audience’s attention, for reasons including being aesthetic or interesting. This is also great for strengthening and communicating your brand identity and image to your audience.

A “Puzzle feed” may also help to spark curiosity in your audiences. For instance, they visit your feed and see the uncompleted Puzzle. They may get curious to find out what’s upcoming. Some may hit the “Follow” button straightaway if you get lucky, or in other cases, some may visit your page a second time just for the suspense.

It may seem daunting to start, but it is actually simpler than you think. All you need to have is the big image you want that will be built up one by one through the individual posts. Next, you can easily find various tools such as Grid Post to help you split your big image into grids. It is not always necessary for you to do a 3×3 puzzle, you can always try out others like the 3×2 or 3×1 “Puzzle feed”! As you start creating your own “Puzzle feed”, do always keep in mind some of the mistakes to avoid, such as spamming the posts to complete your Puzzle.

puzzle feed, tips to maximise engagement

3. Create Savable & Shareable Content

Starting with savable content, the aim is to get your audiences to hit the “Save” button and revisit your post someday. Hence, before you dive right into creating the content, put yourself in the shoes of your audience.  Think about the type of content they would want to see and save for future viewing. It can be tips, memes, informative content. The key is to make sure that it holds value within them. 

Next, for shareable content, you would want your content to resonate strongly with your audience. Only then would they want to repost or share your content. If you do this well, it can help to push your content out and reach a much bigger group.  Consider crafting your content to suit your audience’s interests and preferences, which will make your posts relatable. Other possible routes would be funny, interesting and hyped, or shocking and surprising content.

tips to maximise engagement, savable and shareable content

4. Utilise The Different Content Types

With Instagram, there are plenty of content types you can choose from. Single-image posts, carousel posts, Instagram Stories, 60s video posts, IGTV, Instagram Lives and Reels. Make sure you don’t stick to 1 or 2 types you commonly use when there’s such a variety for you to explore. Try to experiment with the various types, and you will eventually find one that works best for your brand.

For instance, video posts, IGTV or Instagram Live may have the best engagement for clothing brands doing try-ons for their latest collections. However, this may not be the best option for a bakery or cafe. Instead, carousel posts may work best to showcase the beautiful pastries. Hence, make sure you try out the various options and see which gives you the best engagement based on the nature of your business.

utilise different content types, tips to maximise engagement
different content types, carousel posts, tips to maximise engagement


5. Invite Opinions

If you have a business or brand, you can make use of Facebook Page, and build a community of like-minded individuals. Taking advantage of that, a Facebook Page acts as a platform for you to invite opinions from your followers.  Very often, brands are great at passing on information to their followers. What about giving them a chance to voice out their opinions? Through a Facebook Page, you would have a group of people with similar interests, which may encourage more to share. So make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to strike a conversation with them!

Depending on the nature of your business, you can always ask for different types of opinions. For example, for a clothing store, you may want to get your followers to share their preferred style, colour, patterns etc. to prepare for your next launch.

tips to maximise engagement, invite opinions

6. Involve In Facebook Groups

By getting involved, I mean having your own Facebook Groups. Your group will most likely consist of members that have similar interests and are highly engaged. Thus, your group will act as a platform that encourages discussions and conversations.  Most importantly, as the conversations keep going, it helps to build your brand awareness and presence, maintaining relevance for your brand.
facebook groups, tips to maximise engagement

7. Stop With Engagement Baits

No matter how desperate you get for getting engagement, make sure you do not get into engagement bait! Your page or posts may get downranked if you do so as Facebook recognises it and penalises you. It is not an issue if you are genuinely asking for your followers’ thoughts and opinions. However, it crosses the line if your questions posed lacks any real thought.

Some examples include “Like if you’re a Libra”, “Comment Yes if you enjoy partying”.  Such tactics are seen as goading people into liking, commenting, sharing etc. your posts, hoping to achieve greater engagement. If recognised, Facebook will limit the reach of your posts significantly.

engagement baits, tips to maximise engagement

8. Recycle Old Content

With Facebook, some recycle their old content with the highest engagement. This is because most often than not, the reposted top content would generate just as much engagement from the original top content, or sometimes even more. Of course, to maximise the value of your top content, you do not necessarily have to copy and paste exactly how you did it for the original content. The main gist will still be the same, but you can always tweak the content slightly, or the way you post it.

For instance, if a blog post of yours has the highest engagement, you can repost it with swipe-able photos, or in a video format etc. However, when doing that, make sure you avoid reposting right after the original post. Instead, have some window time in between, and this will help to prevent audience fatigue from seeing similar content one after another.

recycle old content, tips

9. The Best Time To Post

Applying for both Instagram and Facebook, the best time to post would be the time where your followers are online and active, this way you will get your best engagement. So, make sure you do not randomly take a guess and post while expecting many likes and comments.  If you search online, you can find innumerable sources giving different timings for the same platforms. You can also expect to find different timings for different types of business or industries.

Hence, don’t be afraid of using trial and error until you find the best timing. Some can consider posting right before the best time. This is because as many are aware of the best time and post accordingly, this also signifies greater competition at peak hours. Hence, you can try out different times to post. For instance, posting at the best timing, or 10-15 minutes before and see which suits your business the best.

best time to post., tips to maximise engagement


Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to maximise your engagement and manage your social media accounts now. Moving forward, are you looking to take a step further in shifting your businesses online? To find out more about how you can start an e-commerce business, check out 3D Omni Commerce and connect with us today!
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