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6 Reasons Why E-Commerce helps with Business Success

Peisi Chan | 02 June 2021

e-commerce, business success
E-commerce is inevitably a key to helping a business succeed due to 6 reasons. Two decades ago, e-commerce became popular, constituting the e-commerce giants today, such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

At first thought, some of you may think of e-commerce simply as businesses making use of the Internet and technology as an alternative to doing business. However, in today’s fast-moving world that is seeking convenience and variety, solely sticking to the conventional brick-and-mortar may limit the way a business operates and benefits. 

E-commerce is like a big umbrella with many factors underneath, but today, let’s look at the 6 reasons e-commerce can grow your business.



1. Cost

With an e-commerce business, you can cut down high costs, keeping your expenses low. Such costs include rent, electricity, renovation, servicing staff etc. Some of these are also recurring costs, making physical stores expensive in the long run.

The money saved can do so much more for your business, including advertising and content creation. Additionally, the reduced costs can also introduce promotions for your customers. In other words, this means attracting new and retaining existing customers, signifying a sustainable and profitable business.

reduced cost, save money

2. Sell Anywhere

Unlike physical stores, an e-commerce business is not limited by geographical areas of where the physical store is located. Instead, it offers the opportunity to reach out to potential customers all over the globe. This translates to a bigger market to target, increasing the chances of success for the business.
global reach, sell anywhere, e-commerce, business success

3. Operate 24/7

What if your customers are not from Singapore? Does that mean you will lose this group of customers? With businesses online, you won’t have to worry about not being able to reach out to customers when you are asleep, or those in different timezones. E-commerce allows you to operate 24/7, offering customers the convenience to shop anytime.
operate 24/7, e-commerce, business success

4. Scalable

As your business grows, change is inevitable. Change can take the forms of expanding your product line, product variations, or even introducing new payment methods. With your business being online, you do not have to worry about space limitations. Feel free to add as many products as you wish and grow your business!
scalable, e-commerce, business success

5. Analytics

An e-commerce business provides you with plenty of data. Such data includes demographics, consumer behaviour, buying trends, customer information and so on. Data is critical in helping you understand your audience and what they want. Having a deeper understanding enables you to produce more effective content that relates to your audience. This will also aid in building customer loyalty in the long run.
business analytics, data, e-commerce

6. Customised Experience

Building on the previous point on analytics, data can be analysed to create a customised experience for every individual customer. Instead of waiting for customers to reach you, make use of customised experience to engage with your customers.

Say instead of having your customers spend hours searching for an item, you can utilise various search tools. This allows them to compare across similar products, customised to the relevant features and prices searched for.

customised experience, e-commerce, business success

For Your Business

E-commerce is no longer just a supporting arm for businesses. It is now essential for businesses’ survival due to the changing market trends and shopping habits, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. After gaining a better understanding of how e-commerce can help businesses succeed, this is the best time for you to get started.

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