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5 Website Mistakes You Have to Avoid in 2022.

Jemima Chuah   |   13 September 2021

Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2022.

The Importance of Websites for Your Business.

The importance of websites for businesses are often overlooked. Websites are essential to building up your businesses and garnering more revenue. It is important for your brand to have a strong online presence. A website also helps to increase your organisation’s credibility with the information about your organisation neatly compiled in it. By allowing your potential consumers to know about your organisation, they will feel more inclined to purchase your products and services. Your own personalised website can also allow your brand to be distinguished from its competitors and stand out from the crowd. However, many people make critical mistakes that affects the look and feel of their websites. Here are 5 website mistakes to avoid in 2022.

1. Too Much Text.

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The first website mistake to avoid is long chunks of text. They do not look good visually and will turn users off. You should keep the content to a minimum so that users can easily absorb and digest the necessary information. Internet users have very short attention spans when scrolling through content online so be sure to grab their attention and let the main point be the first thing they see. If you have a lot of information to include, spread them out. Separate them into multiple chunks of text for better visualisation instead of squeezing them together in large chunks.

2. Inconsistency Within Pages.

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It is important to ensure visual consistency in your website elements (text, buttons, labels) and functional consistency in your interactive elements throughout your entire website. This allows users to visualise everything better and allows for easy navigation. It also contributes to your brand identity with the consistent elements in your website. Ultimately, if users enjoy the easy navigation process through your website, they are more inclined to scroll through more pages and see what else you have to offer.

3. Poor Navigation.

Leveraging on digital marketing tools as a marketing strategy during Covid-19

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Next, elements in your website should effectively direct the user to where he or she is expecting to go. They should also understand what steps they can take next to reach their destination. Misleading users and taking them to a different place than expected will frustrate them and they would likely click out of your website. This causes you to lose a potential customer.

Feedback should also be provided whenever users interact with any elements in your website. If no feedback appears, users will think that your website is unresponsive and they will not know whether they have successfully completed their task.

4. Unsuitable Typography.

Exclusive promotions as a marketing strategy during Covid-19

Clear typography is extremely essential as it contains the content that you want to put out to your audience.

Stick to one or two fonts throughout your entire website as this ensures consistency. If you are looking for some variation, you can play around with different font weights and dimensions instead of using different fonts as it will look very messy.

In addition, you should ensure the font size is appropriate and of the right size as it will affect how easily users view your content. Font size plays a part in whether your website looks professional or not.

5. Disregard for Layout.

Exclusive promotions as a marketing strategy during Covid-19

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Lastly, without a clear layout, your website will look cluttered and messy. This takes the attention away from the important information that you want to push out to your audience. Overcrowding your website with content and design will also make it look unprofessional and tacky. A bad design and layout for your website will make your brand seem less reliable as well, leading to a drop in your brand’s reputation.

Conclusion for 5 Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2022.

In conclusion, there are many website mistakes that can negatively impact the user experience and ultimately harm your business. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial for the success of your website. From slow load times and broken links to poor navigation and outdated design, these issues can all be addressed by regularly monitoring and updating your website. By implementing best practices for website design and functionality, you can ensure that your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Remember to always put yourself in the shoes of your user and strive to make their experience as seamless as possible. By avoiding these common website mistakes, you can increase website traffic and ultimately drive more business.

If you still face trouble in creating the best personalised website for your business, connect with us and we’ll tailor your ideal website according to your needs.

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