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How to Move Your Business Online [Step-by-Step Guide]

Peisi Chan   |   7 October 2021

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Why Should You Move Your Business Online?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, consumers are now more reluctant to venture out freely, making it harder for physical businesses to sustain and grow in the long run when customers are forced to stay indoors. Traditional business would find It even harder to market to their target audience when customers are now staying and working from home.

By moving your business online customers can view your products at any time of the day, you’ll be able to reach out to a wider audience and continue to build your business without having to rely on face-to-face marketing strategies. Moving your business online might seem a little intimidating at first, but, in reality it can be an effective strategy to drive profits and open new doors to bring in a new stream of revenue.

Let us walk you through our 5 step guide to help you move your business online easily.

1. Choose A Relevant Domain Name

To make it easier for your customers to find your brand online, start by customising your own domain name. Domain is part of your website address and it has to relate to your brand. For example, you own an artisanal bakery with the domain name ‘www.artisanalbakes.com’. If someone else has already registered this name, you can pick something like ‘sgartisanbakery.com or artisanalbakessg.com’ . This allows your customers to still be able to find you as the domain name is similar to what your brand is selling.

It would be beneficial to include some keywords in your domain URL. Not only can it help improve your site ranking, there’s a higher chance your brand might appear.

2. Build And Design Your Own Website

Web Design vs Content Marketing - 3D Brand Agency

Let’s move on to creating a website for your company. Every online business needs an easy-to-navigate and visually attractive website. Look at your target audience. What do they want to get out of your website? Do they need more information? Are they here to purchase a product or to research? If you want to create a specific website design but aren’t sure how to execute it, connect with 3D Brand Agency to start building your website from scratch.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization To Drive

Traffic To Your Website

Leveraging on digital marketing tools as a marketing strategy during Covid-19

Now that your website is up and running, the next step is to make it easier for potential customers to find it, this is where search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization (SEO), is the process of improving your website’s content to get better search engine rankings. This drives more traffic to your website. SEO also helps to improve your company’s organic search and increase the likelihood of new customers finding your website easily. Here are five ways to boost your SEO rankings.

5 Ways to improve your SEO rankings

1. Use relevant page contents. Look at the needs and wants your target audience is searching for. Produce relevant content that relates to your business and your audience.  

2. Include important keywords in your titles and content. You can start by doing some research online to find out what your keywords are, this would effectively help improve your search engine rankings and boost traffic to your site.

3. Meta tags. Meta tags help provide information about the webpage in HTML. In a nut-shell meta tags gives off useful information which will then be read by search engines and be displayed in search engine results.

4. Website navigation. Without a good website navigation, visitors would find it difficult to figure out where to find what they want and get frustrated. Therefore, it is important as search engines rely on good navigation to show the most important and helpful results.

5. Link building. A webpage which is rich in content and provides more information is more likely to gain more traffic though links from other websites. By using keyword links, it’ll improve search engine optimization and search engine rankings. 

4. Establish Your Online Presence To Connect

With Your Customers Online.

Exclusive promotions as a marketing strategy during Covid-19

Establishing your online presence is the most important step of moving your business online. The advancement of the Internet has made it easier for businesses and consumers to connect, sell and buy products online. Therefore, it is crucial to implement marketing strategies to help promote your brand’s presence and communicate with your target audience online. Some approaches where businesses could implement to connect with their customers and drive traffic to their website includes:

Utilising Social Media

Social media can be a great place to promote and market your business. However, it is important to find out which platform best suits your brand and your target audience. There is a total of roughly 4 billion active social media users globally and it is constantly growing every year. It has become one of the key areas businesses have to be part of in order to advance further globally.

    Advertise Digitally

    Come up with an advertising budget and start putting up advertisements online. For example, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, google adworks, blog post ads, email ads, etc. It can be an effective way to accurately market your brand, reach out to your target audience, and drive traffic to your website. 

    Leveraging Blogs

    Blog posts help provide more information and helps market your products in a descriptive manner. Include hyperlinks and snippets of your blog post on social media to bring potential customers to your website.


    Use Email Marketing

    To bring your customers back to your website, implement newsletter options and send out emails when there’s a promotion or a new release. This way it reminds them about your products. This in turns build trust, increase customer engagement, and drive traffic to your website.


    5. Optimise Grants To Help Support Your

    Digital Transition

    Government support grants could help you if you plan to hire a branding company to do everything for you. When it comes to branding, marketing, setting up your e-commerce website, planning etc, it can be a little too much for you to handle. Therefore you have the option to choose a branding agency to do it all for you.

    When you get started with 3D Brand Agency, we provide grants from the government to help support businesses who wants to adopt technology solutions and have financial assistance. Both PSG and EDG grants can get up to 80% funding support provided by the government within the given timeframe.


    1. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

    The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG grant) supports companies that are keen on adopting technology solutions and equipment. This improves productivity and enhances business processes. PSG covers sector-specific solutions including retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, construction, and landscaping industries.

    Learn more about Productivity Solutions Grant.

    2. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

    Enterprise Development Grant (EDG grant) is a Financial Assistance Programme by Enterprise Singapore. It aims to help Singapore businesses enhance, innovate or venture overseas.

    Learn more about Enterprise Development Grant.


    To find out more about how these two grants can benefit and ease financial strain on your business, visit us here & connect with us and we’ll provide the best branding solution for you.

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