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3D Brand Agency |  15th Mar 2019

Designing amazing logos require a mixture of creative design skills, an understanding of your audience and how they interact with the design. Truth be told, anyone can create a simple logo by using the dozens of image editing softwares available. However, mastering all aspects of the art takes time.

Despite logo design being just a small part of branding, it is still the most visible. As such, it is important to consider all the elements that can contribute to making your logo a success.

So, if you are attempting to design a logo yourself or preparing a brief for a designer, here are 5 pro logo design tips to keep in mind to ensure that the new logo is timeless and flexible.

how to design amazing logos


Before you even start working on a logo design concept, ensure that you have researched on your target market thoroughly. Additionally, you can also get some insights by comparing all the logos in your industry.

Sometimes, the research might reveal some similar trends, which can give you some idea on familiar designs in that market sector.

However, do note that many of the world’s famous logo designs stand out mainly because they avoid the norm and think creatively.

how to design amazing logos


Choosing the right typeface, or more generally known as font design, is a critical part of the logo design process. Unsurprisingly, many of the world’s most recognizable brands are word marks which relies entirely on typography to convey your message.

In recent years, Sans serifs have been used widely and is often associated with the minimalist movement.

Recently, Google famously exchanged its serif logotype for a much friendlier, and modern sans serif. Regardless, don’t let trends cloud your own judgement. With that in mind, a serif could still be the perfect solution for you if you need a stylish and luxurious or traditional and professional feel. Therefore, take the time to research your options.

how to design amazing logos


Although logos seem to flood the business world, it is no surprise that the most recognizable ones are those that can stand the test of time. For example, just think about Apple or Nike’s logo. Despite not using fancy script or bright colours, they are instantly recognisable.

Notably for Apple’s logo, what makes the design interesting is not the silhouette of the apple itself but the ‘bite’, which resembles the unit for measuring digital information, ‘byte’.

Nevertheless, one golden rule which all the best examples of logo design follow is to keep it simple.

In short, put thought into your concept, but don’t overdo it. Ideally, your logo design has to be easily remembered. Another important component is versatility of scale and application. Hence, an important question to ask yourself is, will your logo work on all customer touchpoints, from the footer of your website to your social media profile photo?

how to design amazing logos with colours


Granted, your brand’s logo and visual identity can comprise of a number of visual cues from shapes, symbols, numbers, and words. But the number one visual component that people remember most is colour.

For this reason, colour is one of the most important things to consider when you are designing an amazing logo. As such, your colour choices should not be a superficial decision. This is because each colour represent different meanings and communicates distinct ideas. Nonetheless, picking the right colours not only allows you to communicate your brand’s personality and message but can also help you stand out from your competition by avoiding their colour palettes.

how to design amazing logos


Creative usage of negative spaces in your design, when used effectively, can trigger an emotion among your audience, using wit to promote brand recognition. For instance, FedEx is one good example of a brand that uses negative space intelligently in a purely typographic logo. Of course, there are countless logo symbols out there that employs such techniques.


When cleverly and effectively applied, negative space can also give your logo design a subliminal message to strengthen your brand’s personality. On the positive side, simplification through subtraction can lead to a more recognizable brand mark.


Once your logo design is finalized, be patient and give your logo time to settle and be recognized. Also, do remember that all iconic logos took a while to become established. Particularly, Coca Cola took a century to get to where it is. Ultimately, don’t rush to change it even if it does not have the initial impact you were hoping for.


Now that you’ve read the tips on how to create amazing logos, leave a comment below and let us know if this is helpful.

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