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3D Brand Agency | 22nd Feb 2019

Social Media Marketing Fails
Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to promote your brand, its values and key offerings. Today, businesses have more choices than ever on how and where to market their products and services. First, you have traditional media, such as print advertising (newspaper & flyers) and direct marketing. Next, you have Pay-per-clink, Google advertising and multiple social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Unfortunately, many have learned that what may work in traditional print marketing may not be as effective online. Previously, we use to separate marketing in two different segments, online and offline. However, marketing has evolved in recent years and you will find the best result by using an integrated approach. Furthermore, the result will enable you to be consistent in your marketing. Also, consistency ensures that consumers understand your marketing message, where ever you promote your brand. Consequently, consistency will lead to better results when getting your customers to take action, improving your return on investment. Arguably, there is no one guaranteed tactic to create viral campaigns. Even so, here are some steps that businesses can take to maximize viewership with integrated marketing.


Of course, prior to launching any campaign, it is important to research on who your target audience is. Arguably, a good practise would be to divide them by demographic and psychographic (attitudes, interests and behaviours). At this point, understanding the findings will enable you to craft messages that speaks directly to them. Additionally, you can identify the best communication channels to reach your customers and prospects. Unsurprisingly, consumer behaviour has also changed in the last decade, and with it, how consumers interact with media, altogether. Fortunately, some things never change. In fact, studies have shown that consumers are still more likely to purchase from brands that they are familiar with.


First of, not everyone is always on Facebook, or reading a newspaper. Instead, consumers are constantly moving from one form of media to another, to do different things. For example, imagine he or she is having breakfast while reading newspaper. If an advertisement manages to capture attention, the next natural step would be to research on the product or service. Presumably, its done via the mobile phone. As a result, conversions will occur only when they are satisfied by the information on the webpage. In the above scenario, you can see how multiple medias work together to help the prospective buyer to make a decision. As such, it is important that your brand is consistent both online and offline. Consistency is key in making sure that consumers understand your marketing message. Consequently, this will lead to better results on getting them to take action and grow your return-of-investment. Integrated marketing helps by optimizing the spend both online or offline. Furthermore, the aim is to assist you in selecting the most effective approach to yield the best results.


No doubt, it takes individuals 7 times to recognize a brand or specific marketing message. Moreover, communications such as messaging and offers must be clear and not filled with confusing phrases. Additionally, it also has to be interesting and consistent, regardless of where it is being promoted. On top of that, every piece of content you develop, be it a blog post, a case study or video, should be able to be used in as many places as possible. As a matter of fact, a great way to create engaging content is to develop it from an educational standpoint. Next, take the video and post it on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram as a tool to educate your prospects. Similarly, another way is to use case studies and use it in your newsletter. Finally, you can also tweet a series of informational nuggets from the piece.


First and foremost, having a brand identity ensures consistency, no matter where consumers come in contact with your brand. However, a visual identity is far more than your logo. It includes having a common overarching design, (look and feel), style of photography and graphics, consistent logo treatment and common colors and fonts. Everything should look and feel as if they come from the same brand. As such, newspaper ads, social media post, or Youtube videos will have the same look and feel. Ultimately, a person reading an e-newsletter or brochure should see an immediate visual connection when visiting the website.


First of, make sure each element of your marketing campaign is optimized to drive traffic to your ultimate target. Your target can be a website (for purchases, reservations, email newsletter subscriptions) or a social network like Facebook or Twitter (for engagement). For this reason, there is great value in an integrated campaign that uses both traditional and modern marketing channels. The different channels reinforce the message and will often strengthen the outcome by increasing the chances that a consumer will take action.  Needless to say, the unified marketing approach delivers numerous benefits to brands by increasing loyalty, cultivating consumer relationships and boosting profits by increasing repeat sales. Hence, be sure to use the same keywords and phrases throughout your integrated marketing campaigns. In any case, this can help influencers connect more easily with the brand and spread the word to their networks.


Sometimes, you may have multiple members of a team working on separate projects within the same campaign. For this reason, it is best to initiate team meetings to ensure all members are on the same page. Of course, you have to ensure the message behind the campaign is consistent to align to your brand’s values. At any rate, if you are using different agencies to produce different aspects of your marketing campaign, it would be advisable to engage a brand manager. Else, make sure there is someone in-house to monitor and align their efforts to fit your brand strategy. This is to ensure your branding has a consistent look and feel across the board.


All things considered, the single most important aspect of any campaign, especially integrated ones, is tracking impressions and conversions. As such, proper analytics and attribution is important to allow you to understand the better performing campaigns. Furthermore, it will provide a reference to base all future efforts. Specifically, for those looking to use digital to drive in-stores sales with coupons, there are various methods available. One way is to use a tracking platform that generates unique barcodes with every coupon printed.  Result will allow you to receive data back from retailers and coupon. In turn, it clears houses about which corresponding campaign segments are performing best.


In conclusion, there is great value in an integrated campaign that uses both traditional and modern media channels. The different channels reinforce the message. Concurrently, it also strengthens the outcome by increasing the chances that a consumer will take action.  As a result, the unified marketing approach delivers numerous benefits by increasing brand loyalty and cultivating consumer relationships. 

Lastly, integrated marketing puts the focus on ensuring that your message is consistent, regardless of the channel that is used as the vehicle to share the message.

Ultimately, an integrated marketing approach is integral in a brand’s success in today’s highly competitive business landscape. In need of a marketing strategy to optimize your marketing efficiency? Contact 3D Brand Agency now! 

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